What is a Proof of Loss form?

A Proof of Loss form is an official, federal government document. It is arguably the single-most important form you fill out during your claims process!

You, the policyholder, MUST submit a Proof of Loss to your flood insurance company. In the form, you officially declare how much money you are requesting for your home’s damage. You must sign the form, swear it is accurate, and include details and documents necessary to back up the amount of money you are claiming in order to restore.

Why is the Proof of Loss form important?

If you fail to submit the Proof of Loss form on time, you could lose ALL of your rights against your insurance company! In most cases, failure to submit this form could prevent you from getting any additional claims money.

When should I file my Proof of Loss form?

Do not wait until the deadline! Figuring out the actual deadline can depend on a number of factors, including when your property was first damaged. Since the deadlines can vary, delaying is a huge gamble. Don’t risk losing your rights! Submit your Proof of Loss form today.

Usually, a Proof of Loss form is due 60 days from the time the flood damages your building. However, the current deadline date is September 1, 2017.

Are there any risks if I fill out the Proof of Loss by myself?

YES. Sometimes, insurers pressure homeowners to sign and submit the Proof of Loss even if you disagree with the estimate of damage. This can prevent you from getting the full amount of your flood claim!  Our dedicated team will help make sure the insurance company is paying you the full amount you are owed because our expert adjuster can help you understand and properly value your claim.